Sony Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

Last Updated: Mon 04 Jan, 2016


SONY is a renounced name in electrical appliances industry. They are manufacturing mobile phones since 2001.  Currently they are gaining enormous success  with their Xperia series in all across the world and also in Pakistan. 

Price Comparison

Pakistan is a country with over 100 million mobile users and a mobile maker should have mobile devices of all ranges to have good response from consumer. As Pakistan has recently entered in fast internet era of 34, 4G and LTE network, the demand for smart phones is on increasing trend. SONY provides a large variety and attracts the consumer.

SONY smart phones are available in local market within price range of Rs.50,000 to Rs.12,000. The latest models of SONY Xperia series can be compared with any other model in configuration and quality.

As we compare the price of latest models of SONY with other famous brands, it is found that SONY is offering the smart phones at relatively lower rates. SONY mobile has a good distribution and after sales facilities in Pakistan and it is making it place at a good rate.

Prices of SONY mobile and Product Improvisation

Current Pakistan user is fully aware of the arrival of new features in mobile phone technology. The young ones want to have the best. SONY provides mobile handsets which are fully capable to handle the needs of a modern user.

In SONY Xperia mobiles they have introduced some unique features like scratch resistance at screen and body and also their latest mobiles are water resistant to a great deal. SONY Xperia is also known for the best quality of SOND which attracts the music lovers to a great deal.

To have all famous social media application on mobile is not just a fashion but also has become the basic requirement of any mobile. SONY fulfills the requirement as its mobile of SONY Xperia series are able to handle multitasking of different applications.

SONY Xperia offers excellent quality of screen resolution and viewer has a bright and clear picture of still and moving objects. SONY is always known for its best cameras and the feature is also reflected in SONY Xperia series which offers camera resolution upto 20.7MP in latest models.

The softness of the touch of screen gives a classical feeling to the user as it matches with high performance processors.

Also the SONY Xperia can handle both 4G and LTE fast networks so a consumer of any mobile network can use these mobiles.

Battery timings are also good in SONY Xperia mobiles as charged once it gives a whole day to use the device.

SONY Xperia mobiles have Android operating system which is mostly in demand because it is most user friendly operating system.

In light of the features mentioned here it looks that SONY Xperia mobiles are the best alternative to its price value.

Price and Successful Models

SONY has recently launched its models “Xperia Z2a” in around Rs.50,000 and “Xperia Z3” in Rs.45,000. Both these models are getting great success and consumer attention from all across the world.

Price and Product Review

Pakistan is already an overcrowded market of mobile phone brands. SONY is producing very high quality mobile devices from any respect but they need to low their prices to get excel in local market.

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