Sony Latest Mobiles Prices

Last Updated: 10/12/2015


Japan based SONY Corporation entered in the business of mobile phone manufacturing in 2001 after a joint venture with Swedish company Ericsson. They produced mobile phones under brand name “Sony Ericsson”. Since 2012 Sony Corporation got complete hold of mobile manufacturing setup and producing mobile phone under their own brand name SONY.

Price Comparison

SONY produces mobile phones which are based on Android operating system. As we take an overview of their products, in the past two years SONY has launched many of its new models to attract new customers. Prices of their Xperia series mobiles vary between US$500 to US$120.

Comparing SONY mobile prices with others, it is found that SONY produces slightly low cost mobiles as compare to other brands mobile of similar configuration. The quality and standards are not less than leading brands.

Prices of SONY mobile and Product Improvisation

Price or cost effectiveness of a mobile phone can be judged by the features it offers. SONY mobiles are known for their sound quality which is a big attraction for music lovers. It has also introduced models which have a fair resistance against scratches and water.

In current age of social media a user desires to remain online on as many applications as possible. SONY mobile phones are fully capable to meet the multitasking of current age. Its memory and RAM give enough room for the user to have many online social media applications at run time.

A clear bright color resolution screen to play HD videos and an excellent rare and back camera are the ultimate requirements of current era and specially high on demand from the young users. SONY mobile offers the both the features maintain some high standards.

A touch mobile is sketchy without a good touch element. SONY maintains its quality and provides smart phones with elegance of touch.

SONY acquires latest versions of Android operating system for its mobile phones. Also for their latest sets are capable to serve both 4G and LTE users with similar efficiency.

SONY mobiles are very good with their battery timings and once fully charged, it can be enough for the whole day for an average mobile phone user including the use of social media applications.

Price and Successful Models

As we look at the latest models of SONY Xperia, “Z2a” and “Z3” are their current models which offer best quality and features like high resolution cameras of up to 20.7MP, high speed processors, memory which is enough to meet the requirements of modern mobile user, stylish and smart look. It has all the qualities what a mobile user wants to have. Rising figures of SONY mobile phone sales suggest that their mobile are very much cost effective.

Price and Product Review

SONY offers a stylish smart phone with latest features which can be the choice of anyone wants to purchase a new set. The sets are very delicate but also a little fragile in nature. The battery timings are also needed to improve so one can easily use the sets at a journey. All in all SONY is currently delivering products which justify the price tag.

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