Oppo Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

Last Updated: Mon 04 Jan, 2016


Oppo is a Chinese entrepreneur and not a new name in Asian region. Entered in mobile manufacturing in 2008, the Oppo is known as experts in smart phone manufacturing. The company is giving good service in Far East, Central Asia and sub continent region.

Price Comparison

For Pakistani users, Oppo has started its services quite recently. They have sufficient variety of smart phones to attract local users. The price range is between Rs.55,000 to Rs.7,500. In a highly competitive market of Pakistan, it is not easy to survive and get attention for an average smart phone and the product should be equal to the world best. As we compare quality of their product with other leading brands like Samsung, Huawai and LG etc, it is found that Oppo is nowhere less than those famous brands and names in smart phone making.

So one way or the other you will finally find a Chinese brand in your hand and the pure reason is that they are providing quality with affordability.

Prices of Oppo mobiles and Product Improvisation

Some main features of Oppo smart phones are discussed here to help you in your finding for a new one.

The most annoying thing for a smart phone user is when it gets slow. In Oppo they are using very high performance processors to avoid this problem. In latest models those are even fast as 2.3Ghz.

A quality camera is offered in Oppo mobiles to take a photo in even low light. Also it is a nice attraction for selfie lovers.

A smart phone can never be called the useful unless it has a good screen and touch element in it.  Oppo is very best in screen quality, size, colors and also in touch function. You will find a mini cinema in your hands while watching an HD movie on Oppo.

To attract the music lover their all models have good quality stereo sound speakers installed in their mobiles.

Oppo mobiles are also very good with the built in memory. If you are affectionate by social media you need a handsome memory available in your device. Oppo is ready to full fill your requirements. In latest mobiles they are providing up to 64GBs of built in memory along-with 2GBs of RAM.

Oppo supports both LTE and 4G /3G connectivity as both types of networks are available in Pakistan.

Oppo smart phones are loaded with android operating system which is currently known as the best OS for smart phones because of its user friendly built.

Currently there is a hype of using social media and Oppo is one of the best choice for social media users as it can handle multitasking for different application simultaneously.

Due to its quality and affordable prices the brand is gaining popularity in Pakistan.

Price and Successful Models

Oppo is gaining good sales with their models like R7, R7 Plus and Find-7 which are gaining popularity among users. These are prime models of Oppo which are little bit higher in prices as compare to some other available brads but still having user attention due to better quality of the product.

Price and Product Review

In current market situation of Pakistan, Oppo needs to review on its prices to gain more sales. It can be assumed that once it will get user attention, Oppo has the potential make those its permanent clients.

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