Oppo Latest Mobiles Prices

Last Updated: 12/10/2015


Oppo Electronics is a Chinese company and entered in mobile phone manufacturing in 2008. It would be more appropriate to say that Oppo Incorporation is a specialist name in smart phone making. They are a multinational company and established their basis in Far East and central Asian countries.

Price Comparison

Oppo has launched its smart phones in different price ranges between US$560 to even as low as US$75. As we compare Oppo with other mobile brands it is found that prices are almost equal to the world leading brands like Samsung, Huawai, LG and HTC.  Oppo is currently exploring new markets for their sale. Prices of Oppo seems to be on a little higher sides but whoever experienced this mobile is found pleased and satisfied with performance.

In recent times Chinese companies have captured almost every field of technology and by time they have also enhanced the quality of their products.

Prices of Oppo mobiles and Product Improvisation

Some main features of Oppo mobile are discussed here to help you in choice of new mobile.

In their latest models Oppo is using very high speed processors of up to 2.3Ghz Quad-Core which is faster than any other brand.

Oppo offers a very good camera of up to 16MP with dual flash which is not less than any other mobile of this price.

Oppo Mobiles are very good with their screen brightness and colors. The user enjoys watching an HD movie. Touch function of the screen also very smooth in function.

To support the videos, Oppo has given very good excellent quality speakers of stereo sound also you can enjoy music with full sound effects.

Oppo mobiles are having good internal memory of up to 64GBs in their latest mobiles also RAM is up to 2GBs which is sufficient to meet a modern user. Also it is similar to other prime brands in this quality.

In their leading models they provide connectivity for both 4G and LTE users.

Android operating system is used in Oppo mobiles which is user friendly and most successful due to its performance and user friendly built.

In many countries of Asian region, Oppo is the first choice of people due to its performance and quality to handle many online social media applications simultaneously.

Oppo might be a new brand name for some but the features and quality they are currently providing make them one of the leading brand name in smart phone manufacturing.

Price and Successful Models

Currently, there are many models of Oppo which are having a good number of sale. R7, R7pulus, N3, and Find 7 are one of those models. Oppo is also giving an utmost importance to advertising its master pieces.

Price and Product Review

In current competitive market conditions a smart phone can only survive if it gives the best in fewer prices. Oppo needs to review their price strategy to obtain enhance its clientage. However, it is a recommended smart phone and one of the best options for smart phones users. 

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