LG Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

Last Updated: Thu 07 Jan, 2016:


LG is Korea based entrepreneur and manufacturing mobile phones since early 2000s. LG is always known for the delicate and stylish modern designs of its mobile phone devices. Currently LG is producing a wide range of smart phones. LG has a worldwide chain of its out lets and after sales services. LG is known for their price effective mobile phones.

Price Comparison

The variety of LG consists of smart phones and standard gsm mobile phones. Recently Pakistan has entered in fast communication era of 3G and 4G so LG has introduced a variety of mobile phones which are enable to fulfill requirements of current Pakistani user.

An LG smart phone can be obtain between Rs.60,000 to Rs. 12,000 with latest features and technology. In Pakistan, standard GSM mobile phones are also in demand for which LG has a lot to offer in price range of as low as Rs.1500.

Pakistan is a market of very stiff competition of mobile phones. LG mobiles are comparatively on little higher sides seeing the Pakistani scenario but the quality of product cannot be matched with any local competitor. So they are giving the product which justifies its price value.

Prices of LG mobile and Products Improvisation

LG is mostly known for its stylish and new designs of mobile phones which can easily attract a new customer specially the young ones who always want to have the most modern looks for their handset.

An excellent camera is an utmost requirement of these days. In LG mobile they have introduced technology that you can have a good image even with a shaky hand. Their camera resolution is more than 20MP.

In LG mobile phones, they provide very sharp colors which are near to the reality and the user can enjoy a HD movie on these. Also the touch function of the screen gives a very smooth impact.

LG mobiles usually have very good processing speed and there are no such complains of slowing down of the device.

For social media users LG gives enough memory in their smart phones which does not restricts the users to take pictures and download what they desire.

Android operating system is used in LG mobiles and they keep updating the latest available version of this OS in their mobiles handsets.

There are no battery concerns in LG mobiles even if you are a busy user. Once fully charged, its serves you for a long day.

So if you are looking to purchase a new mobile, LG smart phone is a good choice to have.

Price and Successful Models

LG has launched a bunch of its latest mobile phones. “LG V10”, “LG Nexus 5x”, “LG Gflex” and Optimum G are some of their prime models. These sets are not just equal to the best of leading manufactures but in some features they also beat those. An open secret behind the success of LG mobiles is that they launch mobiles with new features every now and then. This also creates a healthy competition and best to avail for the local user.

Price and Product Review

LG is currently offering with mobiles of latest designs and quality of the product is also improving. However, to sustain in a highly competitive environment of Pakistan, they need to review over their prices to obtain more attention from the local users.

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