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Last Updated: 10/12/2015


LG Electronics is a South Korea based company. It was established in year 1995 as a result of merger of two companies. whereas, LG stands for “Lucky Goldstar”. It has five different divisions of work and “Mobile Manufacturing” is one of those. In early 2000s the company launched its first mobile. The company is currently produces a wide range of mobile phone devices. It has a worldwide network of its sales outlets and also has a good reputation regarding after sales services. Popularity of its produces is not limited to a specific region or country and spreads all across the globe. Currently, the company is known as one of the leading manufacturers of price efficient smart phones.

Prices and Price Comparison

LG is currently producing both smart phones and also standard GSM mobile phones. For smart phone lovers, LG offers its prime models at around US$600 with latest features to a low range of US$140. There are several models of LG in between these two ranges and available almost all around the world. The spatiality of LG mobile phones which makes it different from other is that they deliver before the others only make a plan. This causes the LG mobile phones as the most cost effective ones.

LG mobile also produces a wide variety of standard GSM mobile phones which are not just economical but also as better as any leading international brand. These mobile are available at around US$120 to US$20.

If you compare the LG mobile phones prices with other brands, you also need to look at the features which LG offers. In general LG offers mobile phones at low prices as compare to mobile phones of other leading brands having similar kind of configuration. Also, they never compromise at quality standards.

Prices of LG mobile and  Products Improvisation

LG mobile phones are mostly known for introducing new designs from curved to cutting edge stylish sets. LG mobiles always have good finishing which can easily attract anyone going to purchase a new mobile phone.

In current age of smart phones, LG is among the rulers of this technology and fulfills the needs of a modern smart phone user. As mobile phone has become more than a talking device and it is must to have good quality camera to be in touch with social media. In new models of LG , the quality of camera in terms of MP has crossed to 20MP; also provide  best result even with someone with a shaky hand. The smart phones of LG are also known for high quality HD display and equipped with HDR and optical image stabilization which offers clear videos of moving objects.

Android operating system is being used in LG smart phones. As current user wants always to be online on many social media applications simultaneously, there are no such complains that LG phone is getting slow and in most of the smart phones they have given enough memory to handle needs of a modern day user. Processing speed and RAM is acceptable at any standard and even better than any other brand mobile of similar price range.

Price and Successful Models

Currently the company is having a good response for many of its models from all across the world.  Including, “LG V10”, “LG Nexus 5x”, “LG Gflex” and Optimum G. These models have gained popularity. A big reason behind the success of LG is that they frequently launch their new models and in a very short period of time they overtake even their main competitors. The quality of mobile phones makes the brand as the one which justifies its price value.

Price and Product Review

A stylish smart look, high resolution screen and camera, good processing speed and many other ingredients make LG mobile as a best option for your new mobile phone. LG can get more success by decreasing its prices to a little more.


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