Haier Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

Last Updated: Mon 04 Jan, 2016


Haier is a popular brand name having Chinese origin. The company is mostly famous for their electrical home appliances. Recently they have entered in mobile manufacturing. As the brand name is not new and still has its base around the globe so people are very much convinced to have experience to use their mobile phones also. Haier manufacture both smart phones and standard GSM phones and so far having a positive market turn out.

Price Comparison

In recent times there is very high competition between mobile phone makers in Pakistan and one can find hundreds of new arrival in a very short period of time. So only the best have the chance to stay in the market.

Prices of Haier mobiles are in medium and low range and justify for what they are offering and also can be compared with any brand with same price. Talking about the smart phones, Haier offer a good range of their models which are priced between Rs.29,000 to Rs.6,000. In current market scenario these prices are not very high because the mobile has a solid brand name on it.

Prices of Haier mobiles and Product Improvisation

Let’s have a look at some of the main features of Haier mobiles so it will be easy for you to decide about your new mobile set.

In Haier smart phones, they are providing processing speed up to 1.3 Ghz as we compare some other brands with same processor, it is found that prices of Haier are justified to this quality.

Haier is offering up to 13MP rare and 5.0MP front cameras for the selfies. The camera settings can be operated manually.

Latest models of Haier mobiles have a screen size up to 5.5 inches. The sharpness of colors gives a real look of the picture. The screen also has fairly good touch sensors which is an important quality in touch screen mobiles.

Sound quality of Haier mobile is good and main speaker gives a large impact of sound and one can enjoy watching HD movies. Also, the headphones in attached accessories are of their own brand.

In latest models Haier introduced internal memory up to 16GB and they can support another 64GB card. Ram is also very good and sufficient to handle current requirement.

Haier mobiles are also give service to LTE network users along-with 3G and 4G.

Android the most famous and successful operating system is provided in Haier mobiles. The manufacturer is making it sure to give latest version of android in its mobiles.

Haier has a made a good reputation among users of social media and gives them an affability to use many online application on run time. A brand new Haier mobile already has installed most of the famous applications in it.

Haier is a reputable brand name and so far their mobile are proved up to their standards.

Haier already has a good sale and after sale network in Pakistan. They have also introduced a unique feature of accidental warrantee so anyone having a Haier mobile, which gets somehow broken, does need to worry too much because Haier will replace it with another brand new one.

Haier also offer high performance standard GSM mobiles for many of those who like to use those kind of mobiles.

Price and Successful Models

Currently their models like ‘G20’ and ‘G30’ are getting popular due to good performance and low prices. Also their model ‘Esteem V4’ is found famous which is also their prime smart phone till date.

Price and Product Review

Haier mobiles and specially their smart phones are equipped with all the latest features which are required by a modern day user. There are some reports regarding their battery timings but one can assume that being a high class brand, Haier will soon swamp down these miner issues. In a short period of time, Haier has obtained an overall positive response from the users and it could be a good option for your new mobile.

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