Haier Latest Mobiles Prices

Last Updated: 10/12/2015


Haier is a Chinese brand and famous for their home appliances. Most recently they have entered in field of mobile phone manufacturing. As Haier has a good worldwide reputation of its products so people are not very much reluctant to purchase their mobile phones also. Currently they are producing both smart phones and standard GSM mobile phones.

Price Comparison

In this era of communication technology, you will find hundreds of different new models of mobile phones on daily basis. Hence, it is not easy to compete in such a stiff market scenario and for the survival of any new brand there must be something special in it. Haier has introduced a fairly good range of its smart phones which are available in ranges between US$300 to US$60. As Haier is a new brand for mobile industry so they have decided to keep the prices on a lower side to attract more and more customers. Haier still have to make an impression but so far the response from the users is positive. In such a low price it is not a bad deal to have a mobile which can be compared with any other mobile of same price range and configuration due to its good quality.

Prices of Haier mobiles and Product Improvisation

Some main features of Haier mobiles are discussed here considering their prime models so it will be easy for you to decide about this brand.

Haier smart phone provides good processing speed which is not less than any of its competitors. It hardly let the phone slow even with an almost filled memory. It has no heating issues.

Haier offer high resolution cameras up to 13MP in their smart phones and which can work in low light as well.

Its LED screen offers very good results and viewer enjoy watching an HD movie on these mobiles. Also their sets are very good with touch sensors.

An HD movie cannot be fully enjoyed unless a good quality sound is available. Haier offer a good quality of speaker sound and also the headphones in additional accessories are of their own brand. So it is also a good attraction for music lovers.

In Haier smart phones you can find good internal memory and these mobile are also very supportive with memory cards of big volumes. The RAM is also never let the system slow.

Haier smart phones are supportive for both LTE and 4G users.

Haier is currently using android operating system in all of their smart phone variety. They are making it possible to give the latest version of OS.

Haier mobile are known very good for users of social media and one can remain online on many sides at one time. A new Haier smart phone already has all social media application installed in it to facilitate the users.

As Haier is a respectable name in electrical appliances, the same quality is reflected in their mobile phones and their mobiles are proving to have worth to the prices.

Price and Successful Models

Haier is a new brand and getting popular due to its good quality and low prices. Currently their Pursuit series models ‘G20’ and ‘G30’ are really becoming famous. Haier is also giving a good attention on their advertisements.

Price and Product Review

The users of Haier mobile are finding it a nice friendly device. There is an impression that Haier mobiles are not very good in battery timings but it is a big brand name so one can assume that they will overcome these sorts of issues and make their product more fruitful for the consumers. So far, Haier is a recommended option for your new mobile phone.

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