BlackBerry Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

Last Updated: Thu 07 Jan, 2016: Blackberry Mobiles Prices in Pakistan, Blackberry Mobiles 2016 are available online with prices and specifications according to the local market.


The American BlackBerry is not a new name in wireless communication. BlackBerry started its journey from Pager devices. In early 2000s BlackBerry launched its first mobile phone. The brand is always known for its unique shape and class. The companies believe in improvisation of its products and always want to bring something new for its permanent users. BlackBerry also manufactures smart phones and they have future plans to enter in Android technology.

Price Comparison

BlackBerry has its own kind and unique style which has kept the brand on the top for many years. As we compare its price with other top models that we find that BlackBerry is charging very nominal for such a world class device. Its price range is in between Rs.36,000 to Rs.12000. BlackBerry has all the latest features which are required by current user. These days due to popularity of Android based smart phones, some average phones are charged very high. BlackBerry is bringing some good options for them and soon it will come up with Android based phones also.

Prices of BlackBerry mobiles and Product Improvisation

Some important features of BlackBerry mobiles are discussed here which will give you an over view and will also be helpful in your decision making for new mobile.

BlackBerry is popular among business community which means an extensive usage of the device. The mobile fulfils the needs with good processing speed. There is hardly any claim that BlackBerry set is getting heated. In latest models BlackBerry is offering processor speed up to 1.5Ghz.

BlackBerry has an excellent camera with it which allows capturing images up to 8MPs. It is a good attraction for social media lovers.

BlackBerry has shown significant improvement in its screen quality and now you can watch and HD movie with high quality of graphics on this mobile. The touch system is also up to the standards of BlackBerry.

A good quality of sound is an ultimate requirement of modern user. BlackBerry provides very good sounds through the main speaker and earphone which never let the user irritated.

Built in memory is always a worry for social media users. BlackBerry offers a handsome memory and also the beauty of the mobile is that it never gets slower even with the memory almost filled. The offered RAM is sufficient to keep you online in many social media applications simultaneously.

BlackBerry smart phones are supportive to both LTE and 3G/4G users and this dual functionality is available in many of its prime models.

BlackBerry uses their own created operating systems in their handsets but most recently they have announced to also use Android operating system in their upcoming models

BlackBerry is tends to introduce wide touch screens in their latest models which has made this brand a quality based attraction especially for user of social media.

BlackBerry is known as a symbol of class. After introduction of touch screen thes

Price and Successful Models

Currently, many of its latest models are getting popular due to their quality and usefulness. ‘BlackBerry Z10’ is one of these sets which has made a successful entry for the brand as over 10 million units have already been sold for this model.

Price and Product Review

BalckBerry devices are known for their unique shape and some special features. As the company has shown some advancement by introducing features like wide touch screens that also fulfilled the long awaited demand of the permanent users of the brand. Its qualities make it a perfect and price effective choice.

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