BlackBerry Latest Mobiles Prices

Last Updated: 12/10/2015


BlackBerry is a US based company. It is known as the pioneer in wireless device manufacturing. Their tale starts with Pager service when BlackBerry introduced two way Pager which was a called a revolutionary step in wireless communication. They were known as the most reliable brand in mobile phone in early 2000s. As the world has faced the phenomena of touch screen so the BlackBerry has to make an adjustment and recently they have started to produced touch screen smart phones. Currently BlackBerry announced that they will soon be launching an Android based smart phone which will be another milestone for the company.

Price Comparison

BlackBerry is mobile device of its own type. Their mobile still have classic look with most advance features. The quality of BlackBerry is undeniable for all. As we look at the price tags of BlackBerry, these sets are ranged between US$360 to US$120. These prices look very nominal as compare to the other mobile phone brands as they are producing one of the best. A comparison of one of the elite models of BlackBerry will be given here.

Prices of BlackBerry mobiles and Product Improvisation

Main characteristics are mentioned here to show case the performance of  their smart phones.

BlackBerry is a famous brand and also used by Businessmen around the world. Keeping in view they have given some good processing in their mobile phone. Which is up to 1.5Ghz.

BlackBerry has a good quality camera and currently they are offering up to 8MP in their latest devices.

In latest mobile BlackBerry have introduced an excellent screen with sharp colors and smooth clear video playing ability also the touch features is very smooth in working.

Sound of built in speakers is very good quality and never bangs at your head. Also in latest smart phones their sounds is much more improved which is an attraction for music lovers.

BlackBerry is giving sufficient memory and RAM to meet the requirements of modern users which are crazy about the use of social media and want to be online of many applications at once.

BlackBerry serves the cause of both LTE and 3G/4G users through most of their prime models.

Till now BlackBerry is providing their own made operating system in their mobiles but now they have also planned to introduce Android OS in upcoming models.

BlackBerry is known as a symbol of class. After introduction of touch screen these mobiles phones are more friendly to use with social media and people and satisfying their clients.

Price and Successful Models

There are various models of BlackBerry smart phones under production and getting popular. ‘BlackBerry Z10’ is their most successful model after a long time which has crossed the figure of 10million in terms of its sold units.

Price and Product Review

BlackBerry is a unique experience which is one of its own. These are truly reliable master pieces which fulfill needs of a modern user. As BlackBerry has also plan to launch Android based smart phones, it can be assumed that a new chapter of its success will start for them.

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