Apple Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

Updated on Thu 07 Jan, 2016


Apple inc. is an information technology hardware plus company which has US origin. The company was established in 1976 by the professionals like Steve Jobs.

Apple inc launched their first smart phone in 2007 and become pioneer in touch screen mobile phones. They have opened up a new chapter which is certainly proving not just useful but revolutionary.

Price Comparison

Apple inc produces their smart phones with a brand name ‘iPhone’ which is currently known as the one of the leading brands all over the world.

Although, apple do not have any specific outlets anywhere in Pakistan but still its smart phones are in big demand as people are becoming more quality conscious. Apple iPhones are available in price range between Rs.95,000 to Rs.30,000.

iPhones prices are comparatively high in respect of common Pakistani user, but still in demand due to the best quality of their products.

Prices of Apple mobiles and Product Improvisation

Prices of iPhone smart phones are almost equivalent to those of different leading brands. As Apple is giving the best so it is very much acceptable.

iPhone provides best processing speed and the user do not have to wait and never got frustrated by the mobile performance.

In latest models of iPhones you can find built in memory up to 128GBs which is certainly enough for a modern user.

In iPhones they have provided cameras with superb performance and a moving object can be captured as efficiently as a still one.

iPhone screen is of its own in quality and gives an impression nearest to the reality. You can enjoy any HD movie just like anything.

Sound quality is not less than any other and user can enjoy the music with clear digital sound effects.

iPhones offers facility to adopt both 4G and LTE networks.

Operating systems which are used in iPhone are of Apples’s own production. So they have made it by the best technically matched with their machine.

If someone is a busy bug of social media, the best suited mobile for him is iPhone which enables anyone to be online on many social media networks at a time with same smoothness and speed.

In view of the current analysis of some of the specifications of iPhone, it can be easily judged that pioneers of technology are still on the top and manufacturing the best for you for the price they demand.

Price and Successful Models

Since the start of their journey in 2007, every single model of iPhone has received a humongous response around the globe. Most recently Apple has launched their model iPhone 6s plus which has gotten a 13 million unit sale only in a week time and the ample run of success is continued.

Price and Product Review

There is no question that iPhone is out of reach for majority of mobile users in Pakistan and they can merely see dream to use those smart phones. But still people are getting more quality conscious and once they got affectionate by iPhone, nothing comes to their standard of their likings. Seeing the current scenario of Pakistan, one can say that iPhone has a good margin to promote their sales in the country.

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