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Updated on Thu 10 Dec, 2015:


Apple is an USA based company and currently is the leading manufacturer of information technology hardware devices. The company was established in 1976. Steve Jobs” is one the pioneers of this miraculous technology company.

In 2007, iPhone entered in the field of mobile phones making and they also give it a new term of smart phone’. Since then, Apple inc have achieved many goals and currently known as the most reliable and dependable brand in the industry. Apple is maintaining very high standards of its products and always receives an overwhelming response from users all over the world.

Price Comparison

Apple iphone has introduced an unmatched quality in their products. They are among the leading selling brands of smart phones so we can compare their products to the best of other brands.

Currently, Apple has priced its iPhones in ranges between US$900 to US$300. Many of its eye catching models are under production and available for sale.

iPhone provides a peerless quality of smart phones. Although, their prices are on the higher sides but due to highest levels of standards iPhone is the best alternative to its price value.

Prices of Apple mobiles and Product Improvisation

To compare the price of a mobile phone, the best way is to match its features with a different brand mobile of same specifications.

The best quality of iPhone is the fast processing they offer in their smart phones and it hardly gets slow even with the memory is almost filled.

A good camera is an ultimate requirement of current mobile user. iPhone is giving high resolution cameras which creates high quality images and even a moving object can be caught very clearly.

Iphone is also known for their screen quality. Any HD movie can be seen with fine quality of images which are surly better than any other mobile. Also the touch of the screen gives a feel of elegance and class of its own.

For music lovers, iPhone is a great attraction and it produces clear digital sound which is not so often to have in other smart phones.

iPhone is giving internal memory of up to 128 GBs which is surely ample enough for a busy mobile user.

The mobile facilitates user of 4G and LTE as well.

Apple uses its own operating systems in iPhones which are not only user friendly but also more reliable than any other.

These days every user wants to remain online on many social media applications simultaneously. iPhone gives this flexibility to do this with its smooth processing speed.

Analyzing the main features of iPhone, it is the most recommended brand of smart phone in the world and surly the best way to utilize your money on.

Price and Successful Models

Almost all the models of iPhones have gotten enormous and overwhelming response from the users. However, iPhone 6 is currently the most successful model so far. 13 million smart phones of this model have been sold merely during a week time after its launch.

Price and Product Review

iPhone is known as all weather brand. Although, the same features are also provided by many other smart phone manufacturers but still iPhone is known as the supreme brand. And who once uses iPhone just become an affectionate of its delicacy.

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